This page is designed to offer various resources for those wishing to learn more about Vedanta’s subjects and activities. You’ll find links to downloadable and streaming materials that supplement lectures, classes, and aspects of Puja. Please visit this page again for periodic updates.


Prayers and Chants


Universal chants from the book Universal Prayers, by Swami Yatiswarananda. The audio links below accompany these chants.



      1. Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah


      2. Dyauh Shantih


      3. Purnamadah


      4. Asato Ma Sadgamaya


Puja (Worship)

Currently in development, this section will have information with which to enrich your knowledge and experience of Puja.


Class Materials

Materials for study circles and classes will be posted here, when available.



Regular visitors are welcome to borrow books and tapes from the monastery. Checkout guidelines are displayed in the library.

In addition, a selection of spiritual books and other items are available for purchase from the bookstore.