The foundation for the Vedanta Monastery of San Diego was established well before its dedication ceremony and opening on the Lord Krishna’s birthday in 1983, in the homes of devotees. Violet Eaton (Shankari), a long-time devotee, had moved to Del Mar, where she installed a shrine and opened her home for Vedanta gatherings.  Other devotees in the area were happy to have a place to gather nearby, after having traveling to the Vedanta Society of Southern California’s Hollywood Temple for many years. To their delight, monastic (both monks and nuns) started coming to Shankari’s home to give classes. When Shankari decided to move back East, classes continued in the La Mesa home of Marian Harrington (Girija).

Under the stewardship of Shakari and Girija word of Vedanta in San Diego spread. As the number attending classes grew, Swami Swahananda felt the time was right to establish a permanent Vedanta Center and the present house was purchased for this purpose. The center was developed and continues through the dedicated, cooperative effort of monastics, devotees, and friends.

Eventually, the San Diego Vedanta Monastery was recognized as an official branch center of the Vedanta Society of Southern California. Krishna Puja is the center’s yearly ”grand”- celebration, marking its founding.